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First released in 2016, our product has since then been constantly improved in terms of features, usabilty and beginner-friendliness.

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Exceptionally best in class UX designs, user friendly menus, built with modern latest technologies, best industry standards and many others.

Dedicated Support

In addition to our growing FAQ database, our experienced team is working day and night to help you with product related issues.

Ready to Ship

Though we have been constantly working on improvising features, besides shine is ready to deployed in any segment on the supply chain distribution network. Whether your company is small, large, or medium-sized there is always a Shine working for you.

Up To Date

Built with latest technology innovations as its tech stack. Shine is compatible with Windows 10 and other versions of Windows. Not only on the technical front, Shine is now GST ready - always manage your business as you wish.

Use with Love

You can use software with love - yes it is true. Shine is more UX friendly and our menus, screens and other UI related themes are designed to keep in mind one word "Love". Our team is always happy to receive and address your queries with love ofcourse.


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About Shine

GK Solutions - a leader in application software development, offering collaborative distribution and supply chain management solutions across the country. Since 2013, the company is uniquely positioned to deliver benefits of the software solution to various industries.

Shine is a windows based desktop application, that enables distributors to manage their day-to-day transactions more effectively. It contains master data management, sales, purchase, inventory, accounts and reports. With vast industry knowledge and domain expertise Shine helps leading companies in the financial services, healthcare, hotels, distribution and retail industries.

Quality is our corporate manthra, which is strictly maintained at all the levels of the company. We always endeavor to provide highest quality product and excellent services to our clients ensuring their total satisfaction.

Key Features

  • User Login system
  • It has 4 main features namely Purchase, Sale, Report and Software Settings
  • User Restriction by Login
  • Administrator Login provide full access of Software and Settings
  • Quick Re-order level Message when open Software
  • Customized report like Daily, Weekly, From Date and To Date.
  • Simply understandable sale, purchase Menus
  • Download report as Excel Sheet
  • Custom Reorder level setting
  • Edit / update the entered Product details like Product code, name, Quantity, Price and Tax and More
  • Automatically TAX update by our core programming
  • Search the Product details for Billed, Sold, Reorder and more
  • User Friendly Interface / All can use without any guide
  • Backup Database
  • Secured Data Maintenance via MD5 algorithm
  • Import Database (Product, Sold and All information)
  • Export Database (Sold, Purchase, Reorder)
  • Billing with shop name, Tax Number, Address and all of details
  • Reorder level Setting
  • Two type of login Admin and Cashier
  • Company set the image, address, Tax Register Number, ISO Number, Phone Number, and mobile Number
  • Sales processing on the stage temp delete the one product Option
  • Sales Bill Print with good look

Master Management

Master enables you to manage all your products by allowing you to simply create, edir, activate, or deactivate them, Shine Micro ERP eliminates unnecessary data entry by importing and exporting item details in EXCEL format, With Shine Micro ERP, you can maintain a comprehensive record of all inventory details such as item code, UOM and much more.


  • Increase your profits by maintaining comprehensive customer details including openingbalance, preferred delivery mode, as well as credit terms.
  • Modify detailed customer information and confirm quotations, sales orders, verify credit, allocate inventory and process invoices.
  • The customer list can be exported in a EXCEL or PDF file format for viewing and editing in a spreadsheet format, or for mailing and printing with proper information.
  • Classify and segregare your most profitable customers based on credit limit, credit period, number of orders placed, pricing and product needs.


  • Maintain comprehensive vendor details of opening balance, preferred delivery mode, as well as credit terms, with automatic migration of financial transactions
  • Enjoy the freedom to modify vendor details such as contact information, preferred delivery mode, credit terms, vendor category and payment criteria.
  • There is ease of use with your existing sysrem by effortlessly exporting vendor lists in convenient file formats such a5 PDF and EXCEL in order to view, mail and orint information


  • Configure new product details such as unit of measure, related sales and purchase accounrs, initial quantity, product price, product license type and reusability.
  • Modify product details such as reorder quantity and reorder level, You can also add product by item groups
  • Add/edit pricing details such as the purchase or sales price based on quantity to a particular product or to a general/vendor/customer price list of a particular product
  • Get a complete overview of product details, such as initial and current product stock conditions, current purchases, reorder quantities, reorder levels and much more.
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