“Design, redesign, support, integration and maintenance of custom software”

Custom Software Development

cutting edge software engineering methodologies and integration procedures adjusted to every specie case

Custom Software Development

We comply with the latest development and technology standards, apply cutting edge software engineering methodologies and integration procedures adjusted to every specie case.

We are ready to go an extra mile to be always at hand when support, maintenance or our creative activity to perform design or redesign is required.

Whether you need complete outsourcing or a project-level solution, you can turn to GK Solutions to supplement your resources or expand your operations. Our proven methodologies allow us to ramp up quickly, and our governance structure is designed to offer you the transparency and quality you demand. GK Solutions offers subject matter expertise in finance and technology at a competitive rate GK Solutions takes a consultative approach to partnering with you. We work within your strategic objectives, align with your goals, and offer full support and knowledge transfer to your team.

Key Features

  • Provides flexible solutions with varying commitment levels
  • Supplement your resources for short- to long-term needs
  • Extend your team to mirror your IT organization
  • Outsource partial or total project efforts
  • Completely outsource your IT initiatives
  • Co-source development
  • Offers flexible governance structure for easy integration
  • Brings expansive knowledge base with dedicated resources
  • Offers knowledge transfer to your staff


  • Provides low-risk introduction to the Global Service Model within a matured process
  • Supplements existing capability, knowledge, experience, and application support
  • Adjusts level of support to accommodate growth or unexpected issues
GK Solutions provides comprehensive project lifecycle services, from requirement analysis, design, application development, enterprise application integration (EAI), re-engineering, as well as testing, and maintenance.

Requirement Analysis & Consulting

We collaborate closely with customers at the early stages of a project lifecycle to define project requirement, scope of work, and evaluate alternatives

Software Development Services

Our application development services include requirement gathering/analysis, project planning, execution, and management, as well as independent testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Application Integration Services

GK Solutions offers integration services and solutions by employing a number of EAI and legacy-to-Web extension technologies. We have formed strategic partnerships with the industry’s leading suppliers of integration platforms as well as the project experience and precise knowledge necessary to effectively integrate platforms in today’s heterogeneous environments.

Services Provided

  • Consulting services include EAI strategy development, solution scoping, risk assessment, product evaluation, and more.
  • Requirement Development encompasses architecture, work breakdown structure, project planning, effort/cost estimation, and infrastructure and resource requirement.
  • Project Execution involves workflow, process modeling, interface design and development of APIs, middleware, adapters, templates, system management functionalities, support and maintenance

Software Testing

We provide our customers with the important information about the quality of their software or our product that is planned to be used for their purposes. Our usage of advanced testing procedures ensures software positive performance.

Technical Documentation

We also our compiling technical documentation for the software we develop. Software documentation serves as a detailed explanation of the application functions.

Custom web design and original artwork

Supplying our clients with custom web design services we help them individualize their business and make it stand out of the crowd.